SpiroPro® is a highly precise, truly handheld pulmonary spirometer,oxymeter, and asthma monitor.

SpiroPro® offers more than meets the eye and conveniently measures:

  • Flow/Volume loops performed according to ATS criteria.
  • Inspiratory & expiratory lung volumes (VC, SLOW VITAL CAPACITY FVC, FEV1, MEF50, and more)
  • The SpiroPro® offers the option to measure heart rate during a 6 minute walk test. Built in heart rate measuring capabilities via the pulse oximeter feature. An easy all in one tool to conduct 6 minute walk tests with SpO2 and pre and post spirometry measurements
  • SpO2 (oxygen saturation) with heart rate whenever and wherever required.
  • Powerful interpretation software that automatically assesses measurements according to selected criteria and normal values.
  • The optional SpiroPro® software for Windows package automatically saves data, exports data to other applications, prints data and trends color reports.

Sample reports and more information can be found here: http://www.viasyshealthcare.com/spirotech/Products/SpiroPro.pdf

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