The Enriched Health Care Gait and Motion Clinic mission is to improve functional outcomes and quality of life 

for participants with any movement disorder or dysfunction at any age.

Our Services


The Port Macquarie Gait and Motion Clinic provides cutting edge gait and movement analysis and rehabilitation interventions.



  • Clinical Gait Analysis
  • Clinical Motion Assessments
  • Alter G Robotic Therapy
  • Orthotics Prescription
  • Gait and movement rehabilitation
  • Functional Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Brain Injury rehabilitation
  • NeuroPhysiological Rehabilitation for Degenerative Conditions
  • NDIS Accredited Exercise Physiology
  • NDIS Assistive Technology

You can find out more about Gait and Motion Clinic services here