Our Story

The Port Macquarie Exercise Physiology launch.

In August 2005 Enriched Pty Ltd launched as a sole Accredited Exercise Physiology practice by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist Simon Turnbull. Subsequently, Enriched Health Care continues as a privately owned health care company.

Leading multidisciplinary care.

Since launching as an Accredited Exercise Physiology practice, Enriched Health Care has adapted to the changing health care needs of our community. Enriched Health Care has subsequently provided services to over 15,000 patients since 2005.

The Enriched Health Care team had pioneered the implementation of Multi Disciplinary Health Care. Consequently, we disrupted the norm with the provision of integrated Health Care Services including Accredited Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Physician, Massage, Myotherapy, Counselling and Psychology.

We had succcess in partnering with a range of high quality, outcome focused health care providers. As a result, we have succesfully provided health care services to Divisions of General Practice, Aboriginal Medical Services, Medicare Local, Private Hospital, Residential Aged Care Facilities, Department of Education, Employment and WorkPlace Relations, Employment Agencies, Local, National and International Construction Companies, Labour Hire Companies, My Aged Care at Home Providers and National Disability Insurance Scheme Providers.

Digital Disruption in Health Care.

In 2015 Enriched Health Care undertook digital disruption strategies. This subsequently resulted in the building of the specialised Gait and Motion Clinic in Port Macquarie and leading the implementation of Alter G Robotic Therapy. We embraced our mantra of being “lean, light footed and agile”. We therefore mobilised our workforce with advanced technology, implemented Telehealth, applied Artificial Intelligence and built teams of high quality agile providers.

Mid North Coast Health Care and more.

Enriched Health Care embraced an updated motto of providing “lean, agile and collaboratively intelligent health care”. Subsequently, Enriched Health Care has enthusiastically modernised our Enriched Workplace brand. As a result we now provide pre employment screenings on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Northen NSW and Southern Queensland. Additionally, some of the towns include Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Kempsey, South West Rocks, Laurieton, Nambucca Heads, Byron Bay and Brisbane. Β 

Enriched Health Care brands into the future.

We shape the future of Health Care. Therefore, we will deliver lean, agile and collaboratively intelligent health care across our six key brands.

  1. NeuroWell- Case Management
  2. Gait and Motion Clinic
  3. Enriched Living
  4. Enriched Kids
  5. Enriched WorkPlace
  6. Bioengineering Australia

Enriched Health Care started 2021 with the succesful launch of additive manufacturing to compliment our artificial intelligence. We therefore established “Enriched 5.0” as as leader in robotics, artifical intelligence and agile models of consumer driven health care.

History of Health Care programs

Enriched Health Care brands are detailed below with history of products and services provided.