Type II Diabetes Epidemic

With approximately 7 per cent of the adult Australian population now living with Type 2 Diabetes Australia is facing a Diabetes epidemic. Poor diet, inadequate exercise and excess weight contribute to increased health problems for those living with Diabetes. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 89 per cent of males and 64 per cent of females with Type 2 Diabetes are overweight. Type II Diabetes can cause complications including kidney disease, foot complications, heart disease and stroke. In recognition of the importance of lifestyle interventions to manage Type II diabetes Australian Federal Government has now announced extra services under the Medicare Plus scheme to treat the disease. Patients with Type II Diabetes are now eligible for rebates on individualised and group based exercise prescription from Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

Exercise has been proven to treat Type II Diabetes in the following ways

  • Helps to balance blood sugar levels
  • Improved insulin sensitivity therefore lowering medication requirements
  • Diabetes significantly increases the risk of Heart Disease and Stroke. Exercise is effective in managing the risk factors of these diseases including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and increased body fat/obesity.
  • Reduced anxiety, depression and an improved ability to deal with stress, therefore preventing stress related disruptions to blood glucose levels.

Exercise Physiologists provide allied health services that ensure that you understand how exercise affects your diabetes, we help you develop strategies for obtaining and keeping your motivation and we provide safe and enjoyable exercise programs.  To find an Exercise Physiologist in your area go towww.aaess.com.au

Simon Turnbull BHMS AAESS AEP
Exercise Physiologist
Enriched Health Care