Exercise Physiology for COPD

Exercise can help manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by increasing lung function and improving physical condition including muscular strength and aerobic endurance allowing activities of daily living to become easier and recovery from work to be faster.

Exercise can also reduce anxiety and depression and assist in coping with stress allowing for a better quality of life.

Exercise can be beneficial for all types of COPD. By increasing lung function and increasing your physical condition, activities that were once demanding and stressful on the body, become easier and recovery from them shorter. This means tasks such as walking, gardening or playing with your family are easier.

Exercise will also help you increase energy levels so that fatigue sets in later when doing task and the sensation of felling lethargic with subside. This in turn will increase your mode and state of mind allowing you to live a more enjoyable life.

Having greater physical fitness will allow people with COPD to have greater independence and independence for a longer period of time. Allowing for people to experience new social experiences.

Aerobic exercise assists COPD patients by increasing the function of the respiratory system. Although COPD can cause irreparable lung damage, the ability of the respiratory system to transport oxygen to muscles can be increased. Aerobic training also helps keeping the heart healthy and decrease the chance of other diseases occurring.

Strength training increases the strength of the supporting musculature of the respiratory system to help with respiration.

The type of exercise program that best suits you will depend on the progression of the disease and your current lifestyle. By talking to an Exercise Physiologist you will be provided with a customised exercise plan tailored to suit your needs.

Talk to your GP about a referral to an Exercise Physiologist or contact Enriched. Rebates Available through Medicare Plus (with GP referral) and Private Health funds.

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