Individual Service Level Agreement

Individual Service Agreement

1.  Table of contents

1. Glossary of Terms

2. Purpose of Agreement

3. Description of Services and Service Fees

4. Participant Rights and Responsibilities/Statement of Expectations

5. Complaints and Disputes

6. Quality Assurance/Evaluation

7. Review and Audits

8. Signatures

1. Glossary of Terms

Glossary of terms is located at

2. Purpose of Agreement

The purpose of this Agreement is to document a personalised and self-directed support arrangement between the Participant and Enriched Health Care, which provides the service user the flexibility and authority to determine his/her chosen supports to achieve his/her potential/aspirations and control his/her own life. Enriched Health Care agrees to provide the services or support outlined in this Individual Service Agreement. Any changes to the services and/or support listed in this Agreement will require prior authorisation from all parties.

3. Description of Services and Fees

The Service Provider offers a range of service types that can be used singly or in a range of combinations to suit the Participant. Enriched Health Care’s schedule of fees are as per the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and NDIS Support Catalogue. The NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and NDIS Support Catalogue can be located at

4. Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Participant rights and responsibilities can be located at responsibilities

5. Complaints and Disputes

Enriched Health Care recognises that Participants and their carers have a right to provide feedback to our team members and management to raise suggestions, resolve grievances and commend good performance. Enriched Health Care encourages all Participants to speak up when they are not happy. Enriched Health Care complaints policy is located at

6. Method of Payment for Services

Payment can be made from the funding body direct to Enriched Health Care

Payment can be made from an Intermediary (third party who facilitates funds for and on behalf of the Participant/Advocate)

Services to be invoiced monthly to Participant/Advocate who will then forward the invoice to Intermediary for payment to Enriched Health Care. Invoices will be payable within fourteen (14) days.


Direct payments from Participant/Advocate

Services to be invoiced monthly to Participant/Advocate by Enriched Health Care and will be payable within fourteen (14) days.

If for some reason the fees cannot be paid for a particular period, the Participant or family or carer is required to contact the Health Care Services Manager at Enriched Health Care with an explanation as to the problem and negotiate ways for this to be resolved.

7. Enriched Health Care Cancellation Policy

Enriched Health Care’s cancellation policy is consistent with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. A copy of Enriched Health Care’s cancellation policy is located here Health-Care-s-Cancellation-Policy-

8. Quality Assurance/Annual Evaluation

To monitor the quality of the outcomes relevant to the aim of this Service Agreement, the Participant with his/her representatives and Enriched Health Care will participate in a quality assurance process at least annually. Each party will independently complete a quality assurance feedback survey. A consultative meeting will then be held to discuss any issues arising or changes that might be requested. Feedback Surveys are located at

9. Review and Audits

Recognising that Enriched Health Care has a legal obligation to participate in government- initiated reviews and audits, the Participant and his/her representatives agree to co-operate to the extent reasonably necessary for these to take place subject to discussion of the relevance of the audit to the Participant’s situation.

Service Agreement Signatures

Participant’s signature confirming the support arrangement and Service Agreement with Enriched Health Care. By signing below I understand, accept and agree to the information outlined in this Service Agreement and Schedule(s)

DD slash MM slash YYYY

OR Family Member/Administrator’s signature:

By signing below as a family member/administrator I understand, accept and agree to the information outlined in this Service Agreement and Schedule(s)

DD slash MM slash YYYY

Agreement accepted and signed on behalf of Enriched Health Care

DD slash MM slash YYYY