Manual Handling Training

Enriched Health Care provides employees with manual handling training that is specific to your work tasks and environment. Our training has the following features:

  • Informative and entertaining training
  • Training delivered by University Qualified Allied Health Professional with years of experience in work place injuries and injury prevention

Your staff will achieve the following 

  • Awareness of OHS risks and responsibilities
  • Awareness of how and why work place injuries occur
  • Practical manual handling skills specific to your work place
  • Reduced incidence of work place injuries

Primary Objectives

It is anticipated that the provision of Manual Handling Training could provide the following benefits:

  • Decreased risk of sustaining a workplace injury
  • Increased awareness of lifting related hazards in the workplace
  • Enhanced knowledge and application of safe manual handling techniques

Training Content

Training content will include the following:

  • Learning to know your body best
  • Recognising early signs of strain and sprain
  • Review of current lifting techniques
  • How to engage power using breathing and abdominals
  • Upper limb injury prevention techniques
  • The back and its bits
  • Techniques to use for reaching and bending tasks
  • What to do if you suffer an injury?

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