NDIS Rights and Responsibilities

Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Whilst accessing services outlined in Service Agreements a Participant of Enriched Pty Ltd, has the following rights: 

  • Have the right to nominate, in writing, an advocate or guardian, who will act in my interests and accept the responsibilities imposed under this agreement  
  • Have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to have my choices and aspirations supported as far as is reasonably possible  
  • Have the right to determine the type and range of activities that I wish to participate in  
  • Have the right to request services in accordance with my support plan, provided the request is also in accordance with all applicable legislation  
  • Have the right to participate in the development of my support plan acknowledging that the cost of supports arising from that plan must be able to be met within the funding available for this support (unless I have other income sources). Any support plan will be reviewed annually or can be reviewed upon request by me or (Name of Service) at any time.  
  • Have the right to privacy and confidentiality and in keeping with the Health Records Act2001, to request access to any health information kept by (Name of Service Provider).  

A Participant or family member will:  

  • Treat staff and other Participants with courtesy and consideration at all times  
  • Respect the needs and opinions of all Participants and staff  
  • Keep the Service informed of any changes in my personal life such as where I live and any changes in medication.  
  • Work cooperatively with Enriched Pty Ltd regarding issues arising during the development and delivery of support and activities covered by this agreement  
  • Pay all fees owing by the due date  
  • Adhere to the budgetary requirements of my service plan.  
  • Provide the Service with 2 months advance notice of intention to leave the service.  
  • Participate in the development and regular review of my support plan  

Responsibilities of Enriched Pty Ltd  

In agreeing to provide this support arrangement Enriched Pty Ltd 

  • Will respect the rights of the Participant to determine the range and types of activities they wish to participate in  
  • Will work cooperatively and in line with the principle of least restrictive alternative with the Participant and the activities they have chosen to undertake  
  • Will prepare a support plan with the Participant that outlines the activities they will undertake and the support to be provided by Enriched Pty Ltd. A copy of the support plan will be provided to the Participant (and his or her guardian or advocate where applicable).  
  • Will treat information about the Participant and their activities as private and confidential in line with the Participant’s wishes and with privacy legislation.  
  • Will be responsible for ongoing liaison with the relevant funding body regarding the development and operation of the support arrangement.  
  • Will be responsible for the management and reporting of funding.  
  • Will respect the right of the Participant to determine the range and type of activities they wish to participate in. 
  • Will receive, where applicable on behalf of the Participant, their allocated funding, and provide advice and reports as to the Participant’s budget and any income and expenditure at least quarterly and upon request at any time.  
  • Will advise the Participant of any sector-wide or Enriched Pty Ltd developments that may affect the way support is provided.