Accredited Exercise Physiology treatment consultations at Enriched Health Care Gait and Motion Clinic may include a range of the following evidence based interventions:
1. Exercise prescription for self managed home based exercises and gym based exercises
2. Supervision of prescribed exercises with inclusion of online video instruction. 
3. Monitoring of physical activity and graded pacing education
4. Monitoring of activities of daily living and pacing education
5. Pain management education 
6. Motivational interviewing and solution focused therapy with a focus on improvement and maintenance of activities of daily living, physical activity and work capacity 
7. Goal setting for activity of daily living, physical activity and work. 
8. Provision of Enriched Health Care online persistent pain education and readings. Course material written by Dr Lynnete Guy Physiotherapist with a doctorate in Chronic Pain, Geoffrey Turnbull Neuroscientist, Simon Turnbull Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
9. Assistance with engagement in injury treatment requirements including the arrangement of specialist appointments.
10. Coordination of treatment based approvals
11. Liaison with nominated treating doctor, medical specialists and employers to ensure maintenance of activities of daily living, functional capacity and work capacity. 

Accredited Exercise Physiology consultations may include a range of telehealth modalities including the following;

1. Accredited Exercise Physiologist face to face with injured worker
2. Accredited Exercise Physiologist telehealth to injured worker at home, gym or clinic
3. Accredited Exercise Physiologist telehealth to injured worker and assisted by a Health Care Assistant at their home, gym or clinic.

All Enriched Health Care treatment modalities are both NSW WorkCover approved and more importantly evidence based.

recent Systemic Review and Analysis on telerehabilitation for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions found not only that “telerehabilitation is effective in the improvement of physical function” but also “that telerehabilitation in addition to usual care is more favourable than usual care alone.