NSW WorkCover Injury Management

*Accurate Diagnosis * Effective Active Rehabilitation * Safe and Early Return to Work.

Have you been injured at work? Or do you have an employee who is injured at work?
Enriched Health Care provides outcome focused Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services for injured workers. Our experienced health care team provides acute injury assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. We also provide active functional conditioning, functional assessments, work place visits and assistance with upgrades in certificates of capacity.

How does Enriched Health Care do it better?

Enriched Health Care provides outcome focused, individualised, one on one rehabilitation with health professionals who have a minimum of 5 years experience. Enriched Health Cares professional approach uses only experienced Health Professionals providing cutting edge evidence based treatment to positively engage our valued patients and key stakeholders. Enriched Health Care always works towards a safe and early return to normal work life.

If you are a patient looking for an improved rehabilitation program you can receive more information by filling in the details below:

If you are an employer, insurer, GP or other health professional looking to make a referral for an injured worker please fill in the referral form