Pre Employment Screening Assessments Australia Wide.


Since 2005 Enriched Health Care has been the pre-employment screening provider of choice for local, national and international companies.


Enriched Health Care provides pre-employment screenings across multiple industries, including Aged Care, Disability Services, Health Care, Mining and Construction. 


Enriched Health Care provides Pre-Employment Assessments Australia Wide. These can be completed at our clinics, mobile, and worksite locations. In addition, Enriched Health Care has a network of agile providers for Functional Assessments, Audiology, Optometry, Imaging and Pathology.


At Enriched Health Care, we greatly respect the need to professionally onboard your highly valued team members. Enriched Health Care partners with you to provide your new team members with an onboarding experience that is customer focused, responsive and structured.



Enriched Health Care is a modern healthcare organisation. We leverage our digital strengths to your competitive advantage. We work to get the right team member onboarded into the right job faster. Enriched Health Care achieves this with the following:

  1. Customer service delivery with responsive acceptance of referrals.
  2. Multi-channel communication from Customer Journey Specialists. Our team works with artificial intelligence, chat, email and phone support. As a result, we exceed your communication needs.
  3. Customised Service Level Agreements for your company.
    • Responsive time frames for communication, including acceptance of referrals and confirmation of booking times.
    • Agile capacity to deliver pre-employment screenings in multiple locations. This will be in our clinics, at your workplace or other convenient and accessible locations.
    • Responsive time frames for returning professional pre-employment reports.
    • Customer experience feedback targets for your referrers and participants.
  4. Skilled and professional pre-employment assessors.
  5. Customised pre-employment components to meet your unique company needs.
  6. Customised Data Analytics Reports which include analysis of your service level agreements, clinical pre-employment data and the customer experience.

Pre-employment health assessments and functional assessments can assist Australian employers in minimising the risk of injuries to team members. Enriched Health Care provides a comprehensive range of pre-employment services. These are designed to meet employers’ specific needs, whether employing a manual worker or a corporate executive.


Enriched Health Care provides the following pre-employment assessments

    • Medical History Screening
    • Physiological Assessments (Weight, Body Mass Index, Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure)
    • Heart and Lung Sounds (Auscultation)
    • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
    • Self-Reported Tolerances
    • Range of Motion
    • Physical Examination and Musculoskeletal screening
    • Grip Strength
    • Spirometry
      • Standard
      • Pre and Post Bronchodilator
    • Instant Drug Screening
    • Instant Alcohol Screening
    • Laboratory Drug Screening
    • Laboratory Alcohol Screening
    • Vision
      • Ishihara Colour Blindness
      • Near Vision
      • Distant Vision
    • Urinalysis
      • Urobilinogen:
      • Protein
      • pH
      • Blood
      • Ketones
      • Bilirubin:
      • Glucose
    • Hepatitis A Antigen Serology
    • Hepatitis A Immune Status
    • Hepatitis B Antigen Serology
    • Hepatitis B Immune Status Serology
    • Hepatitis C Serology
    • Full Lipid Profile
    • Blood Group
    • FBC Full Blood Count
    • UE- Urea electrolytes
    • LFT- Liver Function Test
    • QuantiFERON TB Gold
    • HIV Serology
    • Blood Glucose Levels
    • HBA1C for diabetes screening
    • Aerobic (Cardiovascular) Fitness
      • 3-minute step test
      • Chester Step Test
      • Sub-Max Aerobic Assessments
      • Maximal Aerobic Assessments
    • Functional Work Abilities
      • Level 1 Non-Standardised Functional Assessments
      • Level 2 Standardised Functional Assessments (WorkHab)
      • Level 3 Functional Capacity Evaluation.
    • Instant Drug & Alcohol Screening
    • Lab Drug and Alcohol Screening
    • ECG – Electrocardiograph
    • Chest Xray
      • Standard protocol
      • Mining Protocol
    • Hearing Assessments (Audiology)
      • Workplace Hearing Screening
      • Audiologist Screening
    • Body composition using bio-impedance
    • Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS 21)
    • SF36 quality of life survey
    • Gait scan assessments for lower limb dysfunction
    • Evaluation report detailing outcomes of assessments

Enriched Health Care Pre Employment Locations

NSW Pre Employment Screening Assessments are available at many locations, including Laurieton, Port Macquarie,  Taree, Foster, Kempsey, Nambucca Heads, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Yamba, Ballina, Byron Bay, Tamworth, Moree, Newcastle and more.

Queensland pre-employment screenings are available at many locations, including Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Additional locations for pre-employment screenings are available throughout Australia.


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