Sub Max and Max VO2 Assessments

This unique medical diagnostic system allows Enriched Health Care to provide you with a complete Cardiopulmonary Assessment that includes the following

  • Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and measured METs.
  • Classification of Exercise Capacity & Anaerobic Threshold
  • Nutritional Assessment and resting VO2 for Fick equation
  • Full Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV etc.)
  • Multiple scores for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Risk analysis
  • Body-composition & Weight Management reporting
  • Stress testing ECG

Some clinical applications of VO2 include the following:

  • Actual measurement of Exercise Capacity and METs (not-estimated)
  • Pre-operative evaluation of surgical risk
  • Classification and prognosis of CHF(Congestive Heart Failure)
  • Provision of objective selection criteria and decision tool for heart transplant
  • Differentiation of Cardiac vs. Pulmonary limitations
  • Determination of exercise training intensity as part of Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition assessment for recovery from illness and chronic health management
  • Obesity treatment and diabetes type II prevention
  • Identification of energy requirements for Respiratory disorders(COPD, Sleep disorders, Cystic Fibrosis)

You can review sample reports here:
Weight Management report
Sub Max Assessment report
V02 Max Clinical Report
Spirometry Report

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