Attitudes & Feelings

Personal reflections

  • How am I feeling about being in this group?
  • What are my personal goals in coming to the group?
  • What do I hope to achieve from coming to the group?
  • What action can I take if my goals are not being met?
  • What is one thing I hope will not happen in the group?
  • What you value will determine what life means to you. When people become detached from their values they become unmotivated. Because of a general lack of awareness of what is important detachment and de-motivation are very common (Gavin Ingham 2007 )
  • Spend a few moment thinking about your life so far. Think about some of the activities that have really excited you at different stages in your life and development. These should be things that really mattered to you at the time and gave you a great sense of satisfaction. Make a list and answer the following questions
  • Which of these activities has given you the greatest sense of satisfaction?
  • What abilities or skills do you most like using?
  • Why do you like these abilities and skills so much?
  • What patterns do you notice in your list of things that matter to you?
  • Now describe yourself when you are engaged in these activities,
  • What do you see feel hear think?
  • Describe what you are doing who you are with, and the ways in which people respond to you?