Goal Setting for Lifestyle change

  • How much Physical Activity are you doing?

  • How much Energy are you burning?

  • Motivation for change

How long each day should you spend doing Physical Activity?

How hard should you be working when you are doing physical activity?

If your Motivation was to increase by just 1/10 how would you know?

How many days per week should you be doing physical activity?

What types of Physical Activity should you be doing?


  • Warm-up and cool down
  • Careful selection of exercises and intensity
  • Education
  • Proper footwear
  • Avoid exercise in extreme temperatures
  • Inspect feet daily and after exercise
  • Avoid exercise when metabolic control is poor
  • Maintain adequate hydration
  • Keep regular schedule of medication, meals and exercise as much as possible
  • Do not exercise on an empty stomach
  • If more than a 5% reduction in weight loss, see your Dr about the effect on your medication

Overcoming Barriers

  • Problem: I am too busy, I don’t have time
  • Solution:
    • Break up activity into shorter amounts of time, eg try 10 mins, 3 times a day
    • Schedule time in your diary and treat it as an appointment you can’t miss
    • Try and do activities that can be incorporated into your daily routine
    • Think about things you do during the day that could be replaced with exercise

Overcoming Barriers

  • Problem: I’m too tired to exercise
  • Solution:
    • Exercise can give you more energy!
    • Remind yourself of how you feel after exercise – after the first few steps you can keep going
    • Exercise before the ‘buss-iness’ of the day – an early morning walk can be invigorating and will give you time to plan your day

Goal Setting

  • S specific (doing something – an action)
  • M measurable (observable)
  • A achievable (can it be done)
  • R realistic (not reliant on others)
  • T timeframe (how long/how often)

Addressing Barriers

  • What will get in your way?
  • Anything else?
  • What might help you to overcome the barrier?
  • Anything else help in the past?
  • What have others done?
  • Ok, now what is your plan?

Common Barriers

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of motivation
  • Unwillingness to try something new
  • Fear of injury or exacerbating existing ailments
  • Dr’s not present
  • Physical access and facility inadequacies
  • Financial and time constraints
  • A lack of focused programs for older adults

Overcoming Barriers

  • Problem: I don’t enjoy exercising
  • Solution:
    • Everyday activities and sports count. Walking to the shops, active gardening and house cleaning are all good forms of activity
    • Turn on some music while exercising
    • Find a family member or friend to be your ‘active partner’ – keep each other motivated, committed and enjoy the company
    • Try a variety of exercises

Physical Activity Diary

  • Write down a weekly “SMART” goal for physical activity
  • Use the physical activity diary to record the type of physical activity, how long you did the activity for, the total time of combined activity for the day and the Intensity using the Perceived Rate of Exertion Tool
  • You should also record “How did you feel”

Set five goals for your physical health using your SMART technique.

  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________________________________________________________