Good Posture

What is Good Posture?

  • žGood posture is not just important when sitting or standing. It needs to be considered at all times!
  • žBacks are NOT straight. We have 3 curves
  • žGood posture involves maintaining the following curves:
  • —Slight inward curve at the neck
  • —An outward curve between the shoulder blades
  • —An inward curve in the lower back
  • žDo you ever find yourself working in a bad postural position?
  • žDo you ever find yourself working in a bad postural position?

Risks to the body with heavy weight


  • žAs we age, your discs become less spongy and they narrow
  • žMost common injuries are small tears
  • —Young people develop acute tears, whereas older people develop disc degeneration


  • žMuscles are overstretched during unexpected load bearing, or exertion with poor posture and the muscle becomes strained
  • žMuscular spasms occur when the nerve supplying the muscle is irritated


  • žThey become overstretched causing instability at the joint
  • žThey can become under stretched which reduces movement

Factors affecting Safe Manual Handling

  • žIntensity of work

    e.g., 100% maximum muscle strength is possible for a maximum of 6 seconds, 75% at 21 secs, 50% at 60 secs, 25% at 3.5 mins, 15% at >4 mins

  • žRepetition of the work
  • žMuscle size (small muscles fatigue quicker)
  • ​žBoredom (reduces concentration & increases fatigue)
  • žFitness (Flexibility, strength and stamina)
  • žDuration and Frequency