Welcome Pre Employment Screenings

Welcome to Enriched Health Care.

Enriched Health Care is a novel provider of innovative health care solutions. Since 2005 we have provided valued health care services to over 15000 participants. We are proud to provide you with a range of professional health care services to keep you both physically well and well connected with our team. As a valued Health Care Participant there are some special ways to make the most of your time with us.

1. Your Pre Employment Screening with Enriched Health Care may include the following:

a. Physiological Assessments: Blood pressure, heart rate

b. Physical Assessments; Range of motion, special musculoskeletal assessments

c. Cardiovascular Assessments: 3 min step test or sub max aerobic assessments

d. Strength Assessments with a Grip Dynamometer

e. Functional Strength Assessments including lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling.

f. Lung Function Tests including Spirometry

g. Vision tests including near and distance vision and colour blind test (Ishiara)

h. Instant Drug And Alcohol Screening

i. Urine Analysis

j. Hepatitis A and B Screening

k. Audiometry: Occupational hearing assessments. Please note that this assessment may require you to attend a separate appointment with one of our partners including Australian Hearing, Attune Hearing, Port Macquarie Acoustics and ihear.

2 Please complete the online ‘Prescreening Survey’ at www.enrichedhealthcare.com/survey prior to your appointment.

3. Access to our external facing public social media. FaceBook, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. These channels are public channels for general information and public chatter.

4. Online Bookings. You can see all of your booked appointments here. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please use the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

6. Telehealth. Enriched Health Care service delivery may include advanced telehealth interactions for prescreenings and consultations.

7. Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions click here

8. If you are unable to attend the above appointment or any future appointments, please contact us through our support desk using the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. If you are contacting outside business hours, please leave a detailed message and we will return your contact. Please note: minimum 24 hours’ notice is required to ensure we can provide the best possible availabilities to all of our participants.

9. Wondering what you need on your first appointment?

a) Loose fitting clothing

b) Joggers or comfortable closed in shoes

c) Valid Photo ID

Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete paperwork before you commence

10. Medical considerations for Pre Employment Assessments

a) Enriched Health Care completes instant drug and alcohol testing. Each drug has a cut off level and approximate detection time. More details can be found here. http://australiadrugtesting.com/images/Urine-Drug-Detection-Time-Frame.pdf

b) If you have a cardiovascular condition, musculoskeletal injury or other health conditions you may be required to see your GP prior to completing all of the assessments. High Blood Pressure over 160/90 mmHg will require referral back to your GP for management prior to completion of assessments.

c) Please ensure you bring a list of all your current medications along to your appointment. For participants completing drug & alcohol testing, please ensure that you answer all pre employment questions regarding your medications accurately before commencing your assessment.

11. Where to go for your appointment?

Kempsey:  Anytime Fitness Kempsey, 14 Clyde St, Kempsey NSW 2440

Port Macquarie: Oxley House: Level 1, 3/133-137 Gordon Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Nambuca: Nambucca Family Medical Centre  2 Willunga Avenue Nambucca Heads 2448

Coffs Harbour:: Anytime Fitness Coffs Harbour Level 1 92-96 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour 2480

Grafton: Grafton Community Centre 59 Duke St Grafton 2460

We hope you enjoy your time with us. If we can be of any assistance flick us a message on the chat icon below.